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Continued weight loss

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My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015. She went through chemo and radiation therapy. Had a lumpectomy. Was put on a anti-hormone dru whose name I cannot remember (starts with an A). In Jan 2017 her breast cancer had metasticized into her brain. She had surgery to remove the small spot. So far so good on everything since!!


The issue is, since her original diagnosis and treatment, she has continued to lose weight. She eats and has not stomach issues, but the weight keeps coming off. A few pounds at a time. Its to the point that in about 9 more pounds, she will be considered underweight. She has had bloodwork that came back fine. Just had a body scan. All fine there. Brain scan on Monday.


I have never heard of this happening and the doctors are stumped. Anyone out there hear of this before? My sister is shrinking away to nothing!



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sorry to hear about your sister!  I just want to send prayers and hugs to you and your family...continue to ask question of the doctors..


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I am sorry your sis is having a hard time.  Prayers going up for her. 

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she should have her thyroid checked I have hashimotos and have a hard time trying to gain weigh.

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tlterra- yes, indeed, I have heard of this, and have been experiencing it myself. It is called cachexia. In other words, weight loss without trying to lose weight. I recently lost about 17 pounds in 2 weeks, and I wasn't trying to either. It is associated with advanced cancer and quite a few other diseases. Now that you know the word cachexia, you can research it online, and hopefully come up with ideas for your sister. Offhand, I would start supplementing her meals with something like high protein, high calorie drinks like Boost or Ensure. And, of course, alert her doctor asap!! There are meds she can try to stimulate her appetite. Good luck!! -- LarkAlexis


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