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3/20/2018 Surgery Done

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I will give you folks a more complete update after I get my catheter out next Thursday.  For now I am at peace with myself and in good spirits.  The pathology on the prostate, lymph nodes, bladder neck indicated no cancer outside of the prostate.  These tests were done prior to actual removal during the surgery.  I was there 2 nights.  My surgery started 2 hours later than scheduled.    Thanks for all the well wishes.

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Great news.

Best wishes for full recovery and remission levels in your post-op PSA.


Old Salt
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Thanks for the update. You underwent serious surgery, and as you all too well know, it will take time to get to the new normal. The fact that you were well prepared mentally should help as well. As Vasco already wrote, let's hope for a great outcome.

Max Former Hodg...
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Lighterwoods I'm glad that your surgery and the results were all good. Request a paper copy  of your surgical report and the complete pathology report, when available.  

This first report post-op is the most important you will ever receive, since usually it strongly suggests whether your PCa battle is over or not.   It sounds like all malignancy was indeed removed, and I pray that such in fact is the case.  Yes, as you noted, some pathology testing is done while the patient is "still on the table," to direct the surgeon. A fuller test of the gland followed in the lab.  Low Gleason, PSA, no nodes positive, no positive margins, and no perineural involvement virtually guarantee that the malignancy will never reappear (>90%, with all of these variables).

Recovery will take some time, I remember it well, three years ago. A few weeks ago I had may annual PSA follow-up, still undetectable.  It was worth every moment of pain and recovery.  I give thanks any time I recall it.  You will get there as well.

The next milestone will be cath removal in a few days, and beginning to restore urinary control.  A diaper for a day or so is not uncommon; I wore one for about a day and a half after cath removal, followed by pads, and then liners.



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Catheter will be removed this Thursday, 3/29/2018.  10 th day.  Really loooking forward to that.  Thanks for the advice.  I have already downloaded to my computer the procedure report.  When I get the rest I will download and post.

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Good luck with your recovery. I hope that all goes well and am sending healing energy your way.

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