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My husband is newly diagnosed with testicular cancer spread to lymph nodes and stomach

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My husband has been diagnosed with possiable stage 4  per dr wants to do removal ASAP 

going to removed tumor monday with  testicle . Seminoma

then to follow up with oncologist for treatment, found Out 2 weeks ago in er do to back pain , saw it in cat scan and been going for testing biiopsy came  back  Semonia Spread 

 nodes and abdoment area in vein from testical to groin to abdominal area !  So I have 3 different appointments to follow up with. After  surgery  ! Looking for The best  oncologist  I know that’s the most important dr for accurate treating !!! So confused! I know want the best ! Was thinking of flying to  memorial Sloan back to New York , but my husband. Said no way is he going. back ! So I called Lynn cancer center and Miami cancer center which is Baptist hospital! And a another local  oncologist recommendation! 

What are the next steps ? does anyone know anyone they can refer in my area plam beach ?

south Florida? 

He is 59 and has lost 12 lbs Recently fellol and broke his arm so now we are dealing with arm

ams cancer ? Like someone ran him over everything is going wrong ! 

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I am not sure about your location but my oncologist was amazing, Her name is DR. NADYA HASHAM-JIWA at the Memorial Hermann SE hospital located in Houston if your already willing to travel as it seems you are. I was diagnosed with a 23cm mass in my abdomen last july/august. After bopsy's/scans/blood work It turned out to be seminoma which originated from my left testicle. With a regiment of Cisplatin and Etoposide 5 hour tx, 5 days a week with 2 weeks off i am now in remission or at least my latest PET scans show no FDG activity. She believes all that is left is scar tissue and so does my urologist. With the placement of the lymphnodes that where affected (the retroperitoneal), the tumor was basically wrapped around my superior vena cava so neither my urologist, nor my oncologist is willing to risk the surgery to remove the less than 4cm masses that were left behind.

Have hope, Seminoma responds well to chemo, very well infact. Even with the size of the mass I had, here I sit today. Stay calm, I know that is not easy. God only knows how many times my wife broke down when she though I was outside of ear shot.. I am down 1 testicle and 1 kidney due to the shear size of the mass and the origin of the original cancer, Chemo is no cake walk. Send me a mesage on here if you want to talk, have questions, or anything else, i know this is a couple months late, but i am also still recovering from the after effects.

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Hello there! I am looking to connect to folks that have experienced or are experiencing a similar prognosis and treatment. It sounds to me like Clipzy did, and that your response to the previous person are along the same lines as my husband. This may be too late and you both may no longer be dealing with this, and if so, could you refer me to someone who is? I could really use some support in getting my husband though this intense chemo.

Please message me if you are still active here.

I hope you and the other women's husband are cured and well.


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