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Week 6 after surgery 


I started going to work for no more than 4 hrs / day   Felling very tired after that 

Had some bloating for a couple of days with some discomfort and diarrhea ( 3 days). I visit my Dr  and he told me it was lack of physical exercise 


Last 3 days

Severe Muscle weakness that lasted 2 days 

Rash on my neck and left wrist

Swollen neck lymph node , right side for the last 2 days. Minor pain




What should I do? 



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    My friend

    It's been only six weeks you already had ct scan chest X blood test and if I am not mistaken in another 6 weeks you will have another ST SCAN AND CHEST X and more blood test and then your doctor going to move to every 6 friend sit back and relax its going to take time

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    Hope things are going well

    Any chance you have a cold/flu? How about a gastro problem/irritable bowel syndrome?

    It takes time to get back into shape are you getting some exercise each day going for a walk?

    It's okay to be having a nap if you feel tired after working.

    I know it's difficult but try to control any worry/anxiety it doesn't help things your focus should be on doing everything you can to get back into shape. This might include having some mental break however you get it, working, reading, playing games, travelling around your city, visiting, watch tv/movies (your favorite comedies are good), cleaning your room/house.

    I think you were right to visit your doctor, what do you think of his advice?

    Max57 gives some good advice, 6 weeks is really not long just have to wait for next scan for things related to the RCC.

    If things get worse or don't clear up then visit doctor again.


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    Hi Carlos,

    Here is a link to a recent essay written by psychiatrist, Adam Stern MD, who is also an instructor at Harvard Medical School. He was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and eloquently explains the anxiety and fear that cancer patients experience  -



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    What a great article. Thank

    What a great article. Thank you for the link. It describes me to a "t". I even have the rib pain on the right side and thought exactly the same thing.

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    Hey Carlos your tumor size and grade are very similar to mine mine being diagnosed in 2011.I Swore in 2012 that i had swollen lymph nodes but looking back i think my immunity was comprimised due to the surgeries i had i could also remember getting these pounding headaches,turns out i worried so much thats why i got the headaches.My advice is try to chill out .