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Hi - my name is Andrew.I had my surgery radical prostatectomy Dec 28th 2017
2 days ago I did my first PSA test (Roche Eclia methodology). The result shows prostate ag,serum
<0.1 My question is - Should I do more sensitive PSA test than the one I did?? Thank You


  • Old Salt
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    Yes, you should

    Yes, you should ask for the 'ultrasensitive' test. And insist on the same lab and method for the test in the future so that one can compare results reliably. 

    Hope you will get a VERY low test result.

  • VascodaGama
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    It depends

    Yes you may but it depends how important the test is in your case.

    Without the gland the PSA is negligible. Any variation is significant so that sensitive assays of two decimal digits (0.XX ng/ml) are proper. The assay of your test has a high limit of detection so that it uses the lower than sign (<) but the <0.1 could mean 0.01 (in remission) or 0.09 (not in remission).

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