Packing up RP 3/20/2018

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Well, this day has finally come.  My wife and daughter are going with me.  Packed up a few things in case I have to stay 2 days.  Wife told me I pack too much, which is true.  I am in good spirits and at peace with myself and our Lord.  I can't wait to get back home and tell all the trials ans tribulations of the surgery.  Most of them you have already heard, but maybe I will have some words to add.  All you folks that are in this PC boat,  y'all have a great day.


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    Good luck


    Good luck with your surgery,

    Hopefully, you will have speedy and meaningful recovery!

    Good bless!


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    Good luck

    Hi Lighterwood,

    Good luck on the start of your journey, hope the best for you.

    Dave 3+4

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    Hi Lighterwood.

    Hi Lighterwood.

    Good luck and welcome to the club!