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Surgery tomorrow

Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

Tomorrow I will finally be having my kidney surgery. I think the wait is the worst. I will let you know whether or not it is better than a colon resection  which I had 2 years ago. Been so busy this past week am looking forward to a rest. haha


if Your so inclined please send prayers. 

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Posts: 172
Joined: Feb 2017

Good luck tomorrow, Sandy!  Will keep you in my thoughts.  Speedy recovery...


SophDan2's picture
Posts: 151
Joined: Jul 2017

Sending prayers Sandy!

lizard44's picture
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Joined: Apr 2015

And that you have a speedy, uneventful recovery.

airborne72's picture
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Joined: Sep 2012

I can identify with the waiting issue.  My resection is scheduled for next Monday, provided the path report from my colonoscopy comes back benign.

Good luck with your procedure AND the result!



Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 700
Joined: Jul 2016

Thank you Jim. Good luck on yours also.

SandiaBuddy's picture
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Joined: Apr 2017

I wish you the best possible results.

PamRav's picture
Posts: 306
Joined: Jan 2017

lots of positive energy for a successful and easy surgery.  Please keep us all up to date with you progress. 


Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 700
Joined: Jul 2016

Thanks everyone. I’ll be doing my all night marathon again tonight. You have to stay up to do all the showers they request. haha

Ruthmomto4's picture
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Joined: May 2013

I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope everything goes well, and you recover quickly!!

Annabelle41415's picture
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Joined: Feb 2009

Praying that your surgery is successful and the doctors and nurses attending will take utmost care of you.  Wishing for a very speedy recovery.

Hugs!  Kim

Lily Flower's picture
Lily Flower
Posts: 254
Joined: Jul 2017

Wishing you a successful surgery Sandy and a speedy recovery afterwards. Wow, how many showers do you have to take for the kidney surgery? 

Canadian Sandy's picture
Canadian Sandy
Posts: 700
Joined: Jul 2016

One in the evening and one a couple of hours before surgery. I leave at 5:15 in the morning. You have to use a special soap with isopropyl alcohol. I’m going to have an Ativan at midnight to help relax. This time the anxiety is much better. Last time I was terrified as didn’t know what to expect. NO PREP.....yaaaaaaaaaa!

They still take your teeth out though.  haha

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Well it's morning, the first day of Spring, and pretty outside. I hope all is going smoothly, Sandy, and you're on the healing up side of things. You're in my thoughts.......................................Dave

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Thinking of you Sandy! I hope things are going well for your surgery and it's not so bad. 



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