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Port Removal

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Well, just about 18 months after I finished chemotherapy, I finally had my port removed.  I had a few glitches on the way, mostly losing my job and my insurance and having to find a new oncologist so the procedure was pushed up a couple of times.  I had it done under local anesthetic and like some others have said, it was very easy.  I walked out of the clinic and came home.  I took my son with me just in case any problems occurred but it was a very smooth procedure.


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Congratulations Eileen, just like finishing a long book. Good luck moving ahead!

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Joined: Sep 2017

Thank you - I am looking forward to enjoying life!

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Definitely something to celebrate.  Mine was under local too and therefore there was no waiting around afterwards.  So now it's time for you to look forward and enjoy life.  Hope your other situations have turned around for you.  Having this disease can be so hard mentally, physically and financially.  Wishing you the best.


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I decided to retire when I wasn't able to find another job, but that was only about two years early.  It was a good decision, because I now have a secondary cancer.  It is a chronic form of leukemia which is entirely managable by taking one pill a day but I didn't want to deal with that and try to work.  I have a few digestive issues, probably from my resection surgery, and they are amplified by the medicine I am taking.  I am still trying to work out how to manage that.


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Hi Eileen - It sounds like you are adjusting to retirement and managing the ongoing challenges that cancer presents. 

My husband and I are adjusting to "Life 2.0".  Cancer gives new perspective on "being here now and enjoying the moment".  


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Even when you can out-hustle cancer, it still takes a bite, but I'm glad you're in a manageable place with all the changes. Good luck with the next phase.....................................Dave

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i kept mine for a couple of years because I was worried about a recurrence or a new cancer.  I had mine out with a local and it was a piece of cake.

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Good for you!  I finally had mine taken out and was so happy not to make the monthly trek to have it flushed.  Good luck to you, Traci

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