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2 days until Surgery

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After a rollar coaster ride of scans tests and appointments my surgery date is almost here.  On the 21st I will have my partial Neph on my left Kideney.  Been a heck of a few months but I am ready to get this over with.  Doctor thinks I will be ready to return to work on 4-20.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and I do not have to stay in the hospital too long.

Hope everything is well with everyone else!

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that the surgery will be the end of this. I was still very tired a month after my partial neph but if it's a desk job or something that doesn't require you to be on your feet and running around all day, you'll be fine back at work. Make sure you walk as soon as possible after surgery and drink lots of liquids. All the best to you!

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-excapt when they tell you you can go back to work---unless the doctor has been nephed himself. Go back when you feel you are ready. Start easing into back to work at first.



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The worst part is the wait.  The second worst part is the first week after surgery.  After that it gets better quickly.  Best wishes on a easy and successful surgery and for a quick recovery!

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Canadian Sandy
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Good luck Trinity. Mine is tomorrow morning. We can do this! I’ll be glad to get it over with also.

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Best wishes to both trinity and Sandy for a quick recovery.

You will definitely feel better when it's over.  Hang in there!

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Thinking of you today. Hope all went well and you are recovering peacefully! Hugs to you 


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Thinking of both you and Sandy <3 

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Canadian Sandy
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I'm going home tomorrow...so happy. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Seems everything went well! Take care Sandy.

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Hope all went well Sandy and Trinity. I had a partial Feb 26 and the first few days are pretty bad in the hospital with nurses begging you to take a stroll when that is the last thing you want to do!! JUst trying to get up from bed (leaning and attempting to use the stomach muscles) was uncomfortable. But it is amazing what every single day brings. By a week out I was walking pretty far outdoors and now three weeks out doing some basic elliptical work. I don't have quite the energy I had before surgery but it is much better. Hope your recoveries are going well. 

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