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It's finally done

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Cindy T in Wash...
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Hi all,  Had my surgery on Monday.  Everything is kindof a blur....  I do know that the Dr. had to clamp the artery for 27 minutes.  My sister was with me and she said the Dr told her that the "fat cap" on the top of the tumor, was unaffected and was in one peice when removed with the tumor and he was very pleased about that.  The tumor was larger than was originally expected, was 5 cm? (don't have exact measurements yet)  I have beenn passing flatus since day 2 but no bm's yet (this is now day 4)  I have been taking Miralax daily to help with things.  He sent me home with a script for 1 percocet which has been causing nausea.  He finally called in an order for Tramadol on the 14th.  I have a friend who is a PA, and he wrote me a script for Reglan which has helped somewhat with the nausea.  I am walking daily to promote bowel function,   I was in surgery for 3 1/2 hrs, sent up to my room at 7pm, and discharged from the hospital around 3 pm on the 13th....    Then we had to wait in the car because there was a mix up on the pain medicine prescription and didn't get to head for home (1 1/2 hr drive) till almost 7 pm.   I thought I was going to die when the nurse removed the JP drain, and we have had to change the totally soaked dressing every 6 hrs for the first 3 days.  Today it has finally slowed down.  I have a huge amount of bruising around where the JP was..  This has not been an unremarkable event...   I am so hoping that with the passing of stool there will be a decrease of pain.  Please tell me this is going to happen.   The good news is that I am peeing frequently and with good volume.   Let me know if this is normal.  I will see the surgeon on monday.  What questions should I ask.  As usual, thanks in advance!


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...that all is going pretty well for you.  I had my surgery on 2/19...had a few complications but a month later I'm in  pretty good shape.  I will tell you this....I was like you.  I was passing gas and my stomach was rumbling but nothing else was happening.  It took me about four or five days after I got home from the hospital for anything to happen (and that was using a stool softener and chomping on prunes).  But when it DID happen, EVERYTHING felt better.  My back.  My sides.  It's really when I turned the corner and started feeling like each day was better.  So, hang in there.  Once the magic happens you'll start feeling much better and hopefully will start feeling those daily improvements.  

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Were you discharged after only 20 hours? Did they put stitches to seal the drainage hole? It's already a few days later but don't strain yourself.  I can't quite remember but I don't think I had moved after 17 hours I was just lying on my back tubes in each arm and cathatar (I had a problem with my blood maybe that made it worse). Anyway it's good news everything has gone well now you are just on the slow road to recovery.

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Cindy T in Wash...
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yes, quick discharge, no stitched placed at drain site.  Am trying to move and walk as much as I can, within reason


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Canadian Sandy
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Well, at least your finished. I’m still anxiously awaiting next Tuesday. Prayers for a fast recovery.


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---are no picnik. Thing will get a little better with maube a bad day in between.



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Bay Area Guy
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Congratulations on it being over!  To answer some of your questions, at least from my perspective.

I also passed a considerable volume of pee, and continue to do so to this day (my surgery was in June, 2016), but I drink a lot of water as I exercise a lot).

I think I had a bowel movement two or three days after the surgery.  It's not unusual after a total anesthesia to have it take a little while for your bowels to wake up.  Once you make the movement, the discomefort will go down quite a bit, as will the nausea.

Some of the other discomfort is likely from the gas that's pumped into your abdomen during surgery.  Some of it remains trapped inside for a while.  The walking you're doing is the best medication for that.  I remember iwth each of my surgeries, the discomfort from that gas asn't in my abdomen, but in my right shoulder.  Funny how that worked out.

Regarding the drain, that wasn't a big issue for me.  It felt very, VERY strange coming out, but I didn't have any discomfort.  Now the catheter coming out, that was an entirely different thing.  I was familiar with how it would feel coming out and, truth be told, I didn't have any fears going into the surgery other than that damn catheter.  I'm guessing it was invented by the Marquis de Sade.

Best wishes for a good get together with the doc on Monday.

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You will pee like crazy for the first few days up to a week.  They pump you full of IV fluid so the kidney is nice and plump for the surgery.  I had to get up 4 or 5 times a night for the first week or so.  The good news is you will lose 5 to 10 lbs of water weight.

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Cindy T in Wash...
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Have finally pooped, big relief!  Pain better.  Still urinating alot, but it is nice and clear.  Will see Dr. tomorrow on Monday.  Thanks for all your wonderful words


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Don't forget about your breathing exercises!  Don't need pneumonia from breathing too shallowly.  The first couple of weeks are rough, so allow yourself plenty of rest.  Things heal up much quicker externally than internally, so keep in mind the stuff you can't see is pretty pissed off right now.  Just think, all your inards have been pushed, pulled, cut, yanked, stitched, etc and all the while screaming HEY.....what do you think you're doing, GET OUT!  Be kind to yourself, take it easy, and glad to hear your bowels are finally waking up.


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Wishing you an excellent recovery. :)


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So glad you are through and you pooped!! Lol. That pain can be worse than anything. My experience was beyond awful lol. Here's to a slow, but uneventful healing stage!!!! You did it!!!!

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that we can all enjoy that someone else is pooping good! Always makes my day.

May every day forward be as exciting for you Cindy!

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