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Bloating. Constipation

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week 5 after surgery 


developing some disconfort on belly, constipation... I fell full all the time even with water


I asked my dr and he told me that maybe its for all the pain meds


sometimes I feel I am going to explode 


anybody else with same symtoms?



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Miralax works great for constipation. Drinking ginger peppermint tea helped my bloating.  At the hospital they gave me a suppository to get all the gas out from the anesthesia.  It worked... You could always give it a try if all else fails. It will take care of both. Hope this helps!



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I had bloating and swelling for over 3 months after my radical nephrectomy. For me it was because I was too physically active. I still workout and run, but cut out the situps for now. Hopefully you drink a ton of water!!! Also, if you are full of poop then you will get full fast because you are so backed up (my experience anyway). I take Senekot at night along with Metamucil. That should clean you right out if you do it every day. Again....water is your best friend!! Good luck.

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