Scanxiety hitting me hard this time

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Had my CXR and CT yesterday and I'm just out of my mind.  5-1/2 years post-op.  Since I had the flu a month & a half ago and coughed myself silly I have felt strange pings & pains on my left side.  The primary doc made mention of adhesions and couldn't answer my question regarding the possibility of the coughing causing hernias.  I asked the CT tech yesterday if either would be detected by a CT and she said yes, but my appt with my uro/onc doc isn't until saturday morning.  Of course these pains must be cancer, right?  Only in my anxious brain right now.  The thought scares the bejeezus out of me.  Ugh.  Saturday can't get here soon enough.  Just keep wanting to cry....but then I'll mess up my make-up.  LOL  (trying to maintain a sense of humor thru the torture of waiting)




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    Of course these pains must be

    Of course these pains must be cancer, right?  Oh my, you think just like I do.

    Actually, that is the least likely cause!!

    When I have the flu or a cough, I ache for weeks afterward.  I think that we really strain muscles that aren't typically used that much.

    So why are they more noticable on the left side?  Because that is the side that you focus your worry on.  Our minds are powerful things and can cause feelings that aren't really there.

    Take a breath, relax, you will be just fine!

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    Yup, it's cancer.

    That's what I think everytime. Everytime it turns out to be nothing, WIll be for you too. have a good scan!

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    Oh, Donna

    you've had such a rough ride lately.  I pray for peace and strength for you in the coming days.  Try to focus on happy thoughts--like Spring is around the corner:) . To be honest, I'm not sure how you and others handle that gap between your scans and the doctor appointments.  I've been fortunate to get them both done in same day.  

    Keep us updated--Blessings


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    I can totally relate, Donna.

    I can totally relate, Donna. I'm the same way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good scan results. I really think you're sore because of all the coughing. I don't think it's a hernia, just muscle strain. Easy to say but try not to stress too much. Hugs xxoo

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    I can soo relate Donna

    I think most of us can.  Now any flu or pain makes our anxiety levels hit the ceiling.  Try breathing relaxation technics  and remember we get like this when something feels different.  Its most probably nothing.  Don't mess up your make-up and please give us news

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    Oh sorry you feel this way. I

    Oh sorry you feel this way. I just had my 1st set of scans on Feb. 15th and am STILL waiting to see the oncologist. I don't go until March 22nd!!!! At least you get to see them soon. I wish you all the best along with peace of mind.

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    Thank you....ALL!

    Saw my doc yesterday and happy to say NED has entered my life again.  Thank GOD!  He's sending me for a pelvic CT today tho because he does think I may have a hernia from all that coughing with the flu in February.  He wasn't too happy either about the response of my primary when she told me "I don't know, ask your kidney doc", when I asked if it was possible to get a hernia from coughing so hard. 

    Usually he orders abdomen pelvis with & w/o contrast, but as it turns out this one wednesday was just abdomen.  This afternoon's is w/o contrast.  He also said since I'm 5-1/2 years out and doesn't expect ANY recurrence EVER, my follow-up testing in the future will be ultrasound & chest x-ray every 2 years for now. 

    So, the good news, cancer free and we'll see in a day or 2 when I get results of today's CT regarding hernia.  Anyone know if there are exercises I can do to avoid surgery should I happen to have a hernia?  If I have one, it's probably not very big cause it's not bulging, the only bulges are my usual fat.  Just tender as can be.

    Thanx all, can't tell you how much I appreciate the encouraging words.

    Love you all,


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    Thank God

    C****** Free

    wasnt in any doubt  I would say but still fear is THE fear

    Great to hear your follow ups will continue 

    Peace and Love


    4.4 cm chromie Sept 17

    waiting on  six Month scans soon

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    Yay you! So happy to hear NED

    Yay you! So happy to hear NED results. Big hugs xo

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    So glad to see this.  I have

    So glad to see this.  I have been worried about every pain these days.  I try to give it to God to take it on but sometimes the journey ius hard. So happy to see you are NED.


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    Awesome news, Donna.  Thanks for sharing.


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    From the other Donna

    Thank you for little and big FAVORS. Glad to hear the news was much better than you were stewing about.  And sometimes one would like to plant a size 14 EEE in the butt of medical people who blow you off.

    And they continually say to avoid stress.  Some don't get it that they are the cause of stress!!



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    Best thing I've read all day.

    Best thing I've read all day. Big Congrats to you my friend!! 

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    Wow!!! The BEST news ever!!

    Wow!!! The BEST news ever!! Congratulations my friend. Definitely something to celebrate!!!!

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    look at all the free time

    you have available now that you don't need to waste it worrying!

    Spread the karma, Donna!

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    Happy for you

    Great newx!

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    Another update

    So, just got word tonight I don't have a hernia from all the coughing when I had the flu early February.  That's the good news.  The not so great news, the CT shows some things going on with my spine that I need to follow-up on.  WHAT THE HECK!  I'm not even 65 yet!! (July)  So, let me go back a little, I was in a nearly deadly car accident back in 1980 and it left me with L4-L5 & S1 damage.  I was hit broadside by a drunk going 60+ mph.  Sciatic pain was pretty much part of my life for the first few years and although the docs said at the time I'd need a spinal fusion within 10 years, I've been fine with the exception occasional pains, but I push thru.  I'm not having any sciatic pain currently but the damned CT is showing some major changes.  Specifically says I have "severe disc narrowing with vacuum phenomena & endplate sclerosis and severe bilateral neural foraminal encroachment, greater on the left".  This is noted at L5 & S1.  Lovely.  My kidney doc is in a panic and wants me seen asap cause I could have "vertebral collapse".  My daughters are freaking out and one works for a neurologist and says he wants to see me.  I just keep telling the girls I guess it's a good thing dad & I moved into a 2nd story condo that happened to have a chair lift up from the garage.  hahaha  Maybe some of you out there have experience or knowledge of this mess??

    Thanx all,


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    Hello Donna,

    Hello Donna,

    first of all, congrats on NED!

    About the other CT - unfortunately I can't give any advise on this. Docs and family may freak out, but this is NOT CANCER, which is most important, and is not life threatening.

    I guess best thing would be to see a good neurologist, maybe even get a second opinion to ensure best preventive measures are taken and you back serves you good for a long time.


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    Really happy for you on the NED.  Hope you can figure out your situation with your back.  That doesn't sound fun.  I'll say some prayers for you.  Smile

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    Another update

    Saw 2 docs in one day regarding my back.  My new primary and a neuro doc.  They both said the same thing, since I have no symptoms, we do nothing.  They both were very surprised that I have no sciatic pain.  I do from time to time but certainly not constantly.  They both were relieved to hear that I was in a bad accident back in 1980 because at least they can attribute what's going on to that.  If not for that, they'd be concerned.  Talk about a relief.

    Thank you Lord above!