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Anyone else having trouble quitting smoking

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I had a partial in March 2017 an I’m having a hard time quitting smoking, I’ll do good for a while an end up smok’ing for a couple of days an quit for a while an repeat.

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 I gave up a few decades ago after a number of tries at it. I had to give up drinking alcohol to make it stick. Nowadays there are some aids for giving up aren't there? Like nicotine patches and the vapor smoking. Have you thought of giving those a try? Check online for lots of tips such as getting a hobby, keeping hands busy, stress relief (one of those finger whirly things which was a craze recently would be good), drink some peppermint tea, try some different things. People who never smoked don't realise how hard it can be, but it is in you to stop, you just have to work out how to go about it.  Good luck.

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I know you are saying BS, but once you decide to quit forever and you get pass the first two weeks, the hard part is over. DON'T let a peice of paper and a weed control your life. Once you quit, the urges only last 30-60 seconds. Do not say to yourself, the urges are very difficult. Instead, say, I am winning at the end of each urge. It really is a battle and if you go into a battle thinking you can not win, then you'll be right. I smoked over 30 years and quit July 1999. My biggest reward is a feeling of "winning" and when I go to a doctor's office and they ask, do you smoke and I proudly answer, NO. Just do it, be a winner.

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Don't say "I'm quitting." That puts a lot of stress on you and is overwhelming. Just say "I'm not having one right now. Maybe later." Do this every time you want to have a cigarette. I smoked when I was younger and this method worked for me. I didn't even throw them away. They were always there in case I was freaking. Which I never did, probably because I knew I could always have one. Later :)

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for most, this isn't an easy process.  I personally had no problem quitting 39 years ago.  I smoked a pack a day for 5 years but came down with bronchitis twice in a row and when I lit up, felt like I was going to die.  So, it was easy.  That being said.....there are still times that I would like a cigarette.  I don't know why, I'll just get a taste for it.  I won't lie, I have given in to the urge on occasion and never was it even remotely satisfying.  So now when I get the urge to smoke, I remind myself of that fact and move on. 

Best wishes,


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May 9th 1997 after 20+ years, I thought it was pretty easy, yet my wife claims I was a total******** for about a month, funny how I dont remember acting like that. I found that smoking some weed at night for the 1st couple of weeks really helped, took the edge off.

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I smoke for around 20 years. Quit 2 years ago 3 months before my surgery.

just went cold turkey and decided to quit basically of family. Smoking links to many health issues.

just try cutting down slowly if cold turkey doesn’t work.



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After a few tries, stopped completely when I had babies then went back to it years later as a casual smoker - and then it became more - it really clicked when one day I realised it was an addiciton in the true sense, it controlled what I did and how I did it - hiding the smoking - not going places or seeing people.  Finally my mum had retired and was coming on holidays with us for 6 weeks - I knew I couldn't hide the smoking and finally I just decided not so much to quit - but to be a non smoker.   Now I don't even think about it.    We had a great advert on TV here in NZ, where there was a grubby looking guy in a foam cigarete suit, he was the 'not so good friend' the one that didn't do anything positive for you, cost you money, made you smell, stand out in the rain and cold.    

Good luck, you have the right intention, just keep on trying and if you need to get some some help from the doctor with patches or gum or hypnotherapy do so.  Make sure those around you know you really want to be a non smoker as well and give them permission to remind you when you are feeling the need. 

Distraction is a great help.  When you want a cigarette then do a small other job, go for a quick walk, empty a dishwasher, iron something, dust something, go tidy out the car.  See if you can overcome the urge. 


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Thanks to All who replied 

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I quit smoking the day i saw the image of my kidney half filled  with a tumor.Sorry but for me smoking is a gross  habit that shortens peoples lives rotts their teeth and gives them bad breath,i hope u r able to quit soon.

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