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MRI new scan results today

repaid Member Posts: 17

impresion : Further interval increase in size of enhancing left upper pole renal neoplasm.  Partial nephrectomy changes in right upper pole without recurrent enhancing mass.( had robotic partial nephrectomy rt kindey(8 1/2 hrs in surgery)  in May 2015. At that that time renal cancer also detected in left kidney. Possitive for chromophobe.Left kidney:endophylic upper pole enhancing renal mass measures 1.9x1.8x1.9 . additional Bosiak type 1 cyste arising from upper pole 2.7x2.2 and arising from the lower pole 2.6x2.1. liver few scattered T2 hyperintense subcentimeter cysts. January GfR was 46.Have been experiencing a lot of pain in left  kidney inthe last few months.Will see Dr for follow up in 2 1/2 wks.


  • hardo718
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    Oh boy! If I'm reading your post correctly,

    You are now looking at another kidney surgery?  On the left?

    Best wishes, keep us posted.


  • AnnissaP
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    I wish nothing but the best

    I wish nothing but the best and good health for you.

  • repaid
    repaid Member Posts: 17
    I'm waiting

    Thank you. I'm  being treated at the  Cleveland Clinic, as all my Drs have been very good. I do have cofidence in them.

  • Cinnamongirl
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    Oh my

    Sending you positive energy and nothing but good vibes. Wishing you all the best