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This isn't good is it?

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My DH oncologist called and told him that because his scans were mixed (some mets grew some shrunk) and his CEA levels are rising that she is changing treatment. He was on Folfox with avastain. Now switching to Folfri with Erbitux. There are no other lines of treatment are there? Isn't Folfri the second line of treatment? I also read that a side effect of Erbitux can be heart attack or sudden death!?!? 

Anyone on this regime that can shed some light. He's not quite to his halfway mark of 6 months of Chemo and I am trying to wrap my head around all this. Just as I got comfortaale with him on  Folfox, used to the pump and realizing he was handling with no ill affects, BAM changes and the devastion sets back in. Remarks? 

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Side effects can happen with any drug so I'd try not to worry about that. Folfox is a tough chemo to be on, maybe the new one will be easier on him. I've had my chemo changed a few times. I've been on 5FU, Folfox, oral Xeloda and now on Vectibix. Sometimes cancer learns to make itself immune to a chemo so it can be good to change. Not every chemo works on everybody. I'm sure people have had success with the Xeloda but for me I got an additional tumour while on it. The Vectibix works really well for me. The Folfox gave me a blood clot so I'll never be taking that again. There's a number of different chemos available for use with colon cancer. 

I'd say that it's good they're on top of it and trying something new. I know it's impossible not to worry just because someone says not to but try to cut yourself some slack. 


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