rib spasms

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I was dx. in 09 nsclc stage 111A, finished treatments in 2010, chemo/rad/attempted surgery to remove url, was not possible due to tumor location. been monitored since that time and all ct scans have been clear. I recently had a ct scan, chest, abdomin, pelvis and that was clear also.  I have noticed ever since treatments ended I have been experiencing rib spasms on the right side same side as the tumor location. (upper right rib) It is not consistant, but is enough to become bothersome. I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced this since after treatments.  Any info or input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Have Not Experienced That

    I have not experienced that, but if you do not get response here, also ask at Inspire.com.  The lung cancer forums seem to be more active there.  What does your doctor say?  Best success.