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Today is my husband’s last chemo!!

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he made it through all 12 only the last two without Oxilipatin. He will be an getting appointment to plan his liver surgery as well. I am very cautiously looking towards the end! 

On another note my 15 year old daughter has ulcerative colitis and needs to have her second colonoscopy before she starts Entyvio, nothing is working but prednisone. The last prep they gave her was a miralax/dulcolax combo and all she did was vomit. Anyone take a prep they think is less drinking and harsh? My husband said the prep from the pharmacy was less liquid. Anyone have some advice it was just horrible last time and you really reason with a crying 15 (she was 13 then) year old girl. 

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All of the preps I have tried have been nasty beyond belief, but the least harsh has been MoviPrep.  That being said, it is still hard to finish.  I don't know how to advise you, but TLC will go a long way with your daughter.  I'm sorry she's dealing with this at such a young age.  Big hugs.

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Happy face for your hubby.

Sad face for your daughter. 

The prep I have used is called Surprep. I keep most of it down, but it does get hard those last few gulps. 

Too young to be having to go through all of this. 


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to your husband and to YOU for making it through.  You’ve been such a good support to him.  I hope you can celebrate in some way. 

So far I think movi-prep was the easiest for me to down.  Make sure whatever prep in is is cold.  They say to use a straw to down it but that never worked well for me.  so sorry she has to go through all of this.


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Congrats for making it through all those treatments! Your husband is so strong. I'm amazed at all we can endure. Remembering the darkest days so far, and now knowing better days CAN be ahead. 

I wish your daughter relief from this condition. Just not fair to be dealing with so much. Prep is so tricky! It took me way too long to react to Miralax prep prior to my surgery, but it kicked in around the 10th hour. I hope the suggestions above work. 

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