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Today I beat the 2 year recurrence wall

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Hi all, 

I have been having all my blood work and scans this week. It has been a rough time since this was the 2 year mark since my last recurrence. Since being diagnosed 6 years and a few months ago, the tests at the 2 year mark have always found a recurrence. I have not been able to get past that point. So this week I was a bit of a mess as you can imagine, but the results came in today and there was no sign of recurrence. I beat the 2 year recurrence wall. My Dr. is going to push my next scans out to 6 months this time. My surgeon feels if I can get past 3 years without a recurrence I have a good shot that they have gotten all the "drop cells" (his dummied down term so I can understand it). Right now I am just feeling very blessed I get 6 more months to live life. So, guess as soon as we can arrange things it will be bacl to Costa Rica for as long as they will let me stay in the country (it's 89 days). 

Blessing to all of you. Live life to the fullest whenever you can. Never give up and never stop believing.



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So happy for you.  I remember your last recurrance, and it really doen't seem like two years - time flies, and in this case, I am happy for you that it does - 

Here's to another two years, then two more forever. OK, not forever, but you know what I mean. 

I think my special little man needs to come out of hiding. 

For you, MAlice  

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Dancing my happy dance for you!  Awesome news!!!

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So happy to read this.  What a great feeling.

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Here's to two more times 20 more! 

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That is just wonderful news.  You must have had a very stressful couple weeks not only preparing for taking and having the tests, but the waiting period too.  Glad that part is behind you and you can breath a little easier.  Time to celebrate and you deserve it.  Thanks for coming back on and letting us know.  Waiting for that good results to come in in six months too Laughing


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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! So happy you made the past the two years.

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