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Might have lymphoma

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Hey guys, I needed somone to talk to about this because it truly has been eating me alive. About a month ago I found a lump on my neck. I have chest pain I’ve lost 10 pounds and I found more lumps on my groin area. I’m just scared. I’m 18 and have just started my first year of college. I have this gut feeling it’s cancer and I’ve been wrecking my brain thinking about it. I went to urgent care because the anxiety finally got to me but that didn’t really help. I keept telling the doctor that I did not have an infection but he still wanted to test for mono and strep witch I ended not having. He prescribed me antibiotics but i know that’s not going to help. The bumps are painless movable and almond sized. I can’t eat eat I have awful chest pain and just am in utter shock. I have an appointment next Thursday and I’m just scared of what I know he’s going to test for. I just hate this waiting game I have to play. I want to know how bad t is. I just want to know what I have to do. On top of all this I’ve recently over the past 5 months have gotten into a relationship with an incredible guy. I’m scared of telling him. I Just don’t want him to look at me any differently then he does now. I don’t want him to see me if I have to go through treatment. The thought of breaking up with him keeps coming to my head but I love the guy. I just don’t know what to do. I’m so confused and scared and tired all the time. i know this sounds so ridiculous and stupid but I don’t wanna lose my hair And be sick and weak. I have always been an athlete and done CrossFit softball my whole life. I run every other day but haven’t for the past month because I feel complety awful all the time. I have this gut feeling about this and I’m just so petrified. i Just don’t wanna lose my life to cancer and I m scared. 

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Take a deep breath. No "gut feeling", however educated, can give you a cancer diagnosis.

You have been to a doctor's - which is the right thing to do. Now all you need to do is cooperate with him as he works towards a diagnosis. Submit to the tests, take the antibiotics.

Cancer is not the most likely explanation to your symptoms - but even if it were, you have come to a forum of people who have all had to deal with it and are still around to talk about it.

At this point, all I can say to you is that you are at a point in your life when many people suddenly realize that life is precious and that everything they are only just beginning to enjoy (freedom, a bright future, relationships, love...) might be taken away from them.

Keep breathing and go on with the daily business of living your life while your doctor methodically moves from the most likely to the least likely until he finds what is going on.

Do keep us posted.

Wishing you the most benign outcome.


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Ah, Raii. After you take that very deep breath, realize that you need to approach this one step at a time.  No one has told you that you have cancer and, as PBL points out, it is not your most likely diagnosis. So, follow the instructions that you have been given and see what happens with the doctor's appointment. 

It sounds as though you have gotten into a state of severe anxiety that may be contributing to your chest pain and your loss of appetite.  Try to stay on top of that as best you can; ask your physician for help if you need it. If you cannot share your worry with your boyfriend, share it with someone. Anxiety is a beast.

So, one step at a time.  We are here if you have questions, but hopefully you won't have any reason to revisit us except to say "All is well".  Best of luck.


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We live in the most amxious culture in human history. All of this while we have by far the best health care and longest life span in recorded history. Something to ponder, as therapists estimate that 20% of the US population suffers from some form of anxiety. Having said that, a certain level of anxiety is expressed in your post. Since no one has stated that you have any form of malignancy, please consider dealing with the anxiety that is driiving your fears. I would do this first. Consider: Should you ever receive a serious diagnosis, how is anxiety going to be of any help?

The operative phrase is: You do not have cancer until a pathology report says you have cancer.


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Early one morning three years ago, when I got the biopsy results regarding my second cancer (Prostate), I yawned in the doctor's face, and told her I would be in touch, and walked out; I had already studied the issue in detail, and knew which doctors I was going to consult with.

Eight years ago, when a new general practice doctor (just out of Residency) told me I was totally consumed with Lymphoma (based upon CT), and needed an immediate biopsy, she started crying.  I walked over and gave her a hug, and told her it was probably treatable, and that we really didn't have any details yet.  She wiped her eyes, and thanked me.

Cancer and all manner of diaster befalls us all throughout life.  Believe that you will rise to the occasion and beat whatever is thrown at you, and each day will thereafter be more peaceful.  I hope your biopsy is negative,



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What did doctor say? I hope that doctor noticed your all-consuming anxiety and suggested therapy for it. To me, it is really obvious. You deserve to live in peace. Deal with your anxiety. 

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