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over the counter painkillers

Trenna Member Posts: 3

I have recently been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma,  luckily only 2Cm.   Will be getting it removed in April.

In January, I had major shoulder surgery and am now starting PT on that.

After reading, I asked my GP if I should stop Acetaminophen (which I'd been taking about 3000 mg for a long time since an accident in 2013).  She said YES so now I'm up against a wall on what to take for managing pain.  I am currently taking prescription pain killers but have weaned off the amount I had in January. 

What do others do for pain management (not surgical, etc) but everyday old age pain  (I have a musculature  hip issue I deal with)?

Thanks for advice.



  • Scottie22
    Scottie22 Member Posts: 86

    Tylenol is the way to go, definitely no NSAIDS like Advil, Aleve, even aspirin.

  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    I was told to take Tylenol as

    I was told to take Tylenol as well, which is an acetominophen. I was told to avoid NSAIDs also, like Ibuprofen, Advil, etc.

  • Trenna
    Trenna Member Posts: 3
    Studies show Acetominophen can cause kidney cancer

    Thank you, and I have been taking it but have found a number of studies where Acetominophen can cause or contribute to kidney cancer.    


  • Retcenturion
    Retcenturion Member Posts: 240
    Was told tylenol

    I read the link and am confused also. I asked my Surgeon post op about pain killers and was told only Tylenol. I have tried to limit using them but I am using Tylenol. This topic has been discuss on these boards and I recall Tylenol being the med use the most.

  • Scottie22
    Scottie22 Member Posts: 86
    What I took

    What I took from the link and other reports was that long term use, not just the odd Tylenol for a headache here and there, could increase the risk for kidney cancer.  Tylenol was the recommendation from my surgeon, my urologist and nephrologist to protect my remaining kidney's function.