PSA went from 2.0 to 2.7 in the last 3 months finished radiation May 2017

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I guess this might be that PSA bounce they talk about with radiation.  They have also been watching a tumor in my ulna that showed up on a bone scan back in July 2017.  ( not a normal place for METS which is a good thing)  It hasn't grown, the Ortho Oncologiist has been doing the wait and see due to I could lose some use of my hand becasue it would be a open biopsy and lots of nerves there. Also there is a risk with my heart disease of having a heart attack under sedation.  Going to have another bone scan in May and make sure nothing else is cropping up.

Good news though I have been working on getting good karma.. I am in a Johnny Cash Tribute band  'Counterfeit Cash" and I came up with the idea of doing benefits Cash for Cancer. All the shows we play at we do 50/50 drawings and the money goes to the ACS, 3 gigs we raise 1500 bucks for the ACS trying to reach the goal of 15,000 by the end of the year..