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Joined: Aug 2016

Hey ladies, can you give me some feedback on wigs.  Who has found the best at a reasonalble price? 

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Joined: Mar 2018

I would try amazon? My cancer center actually had a "closet" with a variety of free wigs for the ladies.

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Joined: Jun 2009

I got mine free from cancer society they had a good selection there ! I donated it back when I didn't need it any more ! 






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Joined: Mar 2018

I just went with free wig hat scarf from a donation funded place ladies nice had fun trying on.  Your dr office should have hand outs for your area. Of course mine is not human hair.


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Joined: Feb 2015

I ordered mine from Paula Young. You can go on the website & call to order a catalogue. Their prices are good too. 

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Joined: May 2018

What timing! I just posted a YouTube video on my latest wig. I got one from a local salon that shaves your head and fits the wig for just the cost of the wig ($35) but it itched like crazy and got real hot after a couple of hours. I just recently discovered that Amazon has wigs for $10-15, which is great if you just want to try one but don't want to put $$$ into it! I wish I had thought to check Amazon months ago but my hair is still only 1/4" long so I'll be wearing them for a while.



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Posts: 856
Joined: Aug 2016

I got over it.  It is hot, my hair is short, uneven, and a mess and I dont care! 



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