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3 weeks after open partial

CarlosRosado Member Posts: 88

every day I feel better.  Every now and then I have some minor headches and backaches but I sm sure is all related to the lack of exercise.

Also , I am felling some pain around the incision area and goes all the way down to my pelvis. Its not allthe time and is like a burning sensatio in my skin.My dr told is normal unless I have fever too.


My big question is....When I m going to get all my energy back? Its 8 pm and I am tired...


  • Steph85
    Steph85 Member Posts: 166
    I'm 6 weeks post op today and

    I'm 6 weeks post op today and I still don't have all my energy back yet haha. We'll get there! I still have a little incision pain and back/flank pain. I see my urologist tomorrow, so hopefully its all normal! If your tired, rest! If you can




  • hardo718
    hardo718 Member Posts: 853
    Takes more than 3 weeks

    Although you may be healed externally, it takes much longer inside.  They just chopped you up and nothing helps the healing like good rest.  Be patient with yourself.  It can take months, although with most people probably more like 2-3 months.  It'll come back, don't worry.