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My Mom just Had her second spinal surgery on 2/13 to the C4&5, currently in rehab & started radiation today, 5 treatments needed.She will be starting Cabo 60mg as soon as she finishes Radiation . This is her first line of treatment since diagnosis on Dec 6, besides 2 surgeries and radiation.

I've read about the side effects of Cabo & my question is , will she be ok handling side effects while living alone? We’ve talked about the possibility of her living with me eventually . But I'm concerned about her living alone and its a 35 minute ride away. 

Shes currently in rehab working on getting her strength back from the surgery & very well may be there while starting on the Cabo.

Im just curious how many of you live alone & are you able to manage the side effects on your own ? 

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Hello Karen,

My husband started Cabo about 2+ weeks ago. He too has mets to the spine and one to the lung. He had Cyberknife radiation in late January to tackle one huge tumor on his L4 and we go back to see if additional work is needed this week. That being said his mobility isn't great due to the tumor location. The tumor essentially ate his vertebrae and it therefore compressed. How is her mobility? He's on 60mg of Cabo every night and so far he has experienced fatigue and hoarseness in his voice. He spends about 5 hours alone at home while I work and he's able to get up and move about (with the help of a walker). I do worry about him possibly taking a fall, etc, so I've had a few keys made for a friend that is nearby and also have a combination lock on our door so that the neighbor can get to him if need be. He has an apple watch to make a distress call if necessary. If he does develop any more side effects I'll let you know. In the meantime though I'm hearing that Cabo is the most potent for of meds to help with bone mets, so she's getting the right stuff! Keep me posted on her condition and feel free to reach out if you want to chat.


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i appreciate your reply! My mom does not have her strength back yet from surgery & I just found out rehab wants to discharge her Fri! 

I filed an appeal , if they don’t approve she will be coming home to my house for now. I think it’s all going to be hard on her since she’s still recovering from surgery .


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