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Stage 4 colon, vomiting bile, dark urine

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Hello everyone,

My mother, 61, initially was diagonized eith Stage 3 colon cancer in 2016, and surgery and a chemo regimen. We were monitoring her health and levels after the chemo, and the levels were normal. Suddenly, in December 2017, she started having horrible stomach pain. We did MRI and CT scan and found that now she has a Stage 4 colon cancer, metastasized in other body parts. The oncologist said that there is no point in doing chemo, but said, will try one round. On Feb 22, she went through one round, and started vomiting bike. Her pain increased. So we admitted her in a hospital where she is vomiting bile, her urine was dark. So doctors put two stent to allow urine to flow. 

Given the speed in which we heard the news of recurrence of cancer and her throwing up bile is surprising. My question is, is there some other treatment that we can look into other than chemo. I am afraid that we have a very small window of doing anything before this makes her very weak. 


Thank you all for your suggestion, and I pray that all of you get healing strength to win your fight.

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I'm not able to give you any information, but it's a good thing that your mother is in the hospital where they can try to help her.  It's not a good thing that she is throwing up bile.  Usually has something to do with the liver and/or colon blockage.  They need to find the reason why and deal with it.  Wishing your mother well.


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I'm sorry to hear about your mom and I have no suggestions or ideas, I'm sorry. She's in the best place, the hospital will take care of her. I can say that, for me, I've never vomited as much in my entire life as I have since I was diagnosed. It seems like every little upset and I'm sitting there with a bucket. Whether it's an emotional upset or something physical, it happens pretty quickly and easily. And often it's nothing but bile but is quite violent. 

I hope your mom feels better soon and they didn't have to give her one of those horrid naso/gastro tubes. A few times they've wanted to do that to me and I just refuse. I had one and that was more than enough. 

Sending your mom positive thoughts.


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