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Have my date

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Funny how just seeing the doctor and discussing the surgery lowered my anxiety.

Having laproscopic robotic surgery on March 15. Remove all the girl parts and will hopefully only need a couple of nodes for testing removed. He said he will have a good idea of the stage once he performs the surgery. He realizes that I have high grade but that does not mean stage....yeah yeah but nice going into surgery thinking I have a good chance of low stage numbers. Chemo/rad after because of the type of cancer.

Pre op and CT scan next week.

I am going to cancel my vacation for May....we were going a Viking cruise to Russia but I will be in middle of treatment,,,,next year I hope

Thank you everyone for all the good information provide! Appreciate the support!


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The robotic surgery was much easier than I anticipated!  Another piece of advice - if you have issues with constipation you might consider taking a mild laxative before the CT scan.  They saw a mass in my colon in mine so they made me get a colonoscopy before surgery.  Of course that freaked me out even worse.  Turned out to be nothing but it was a good thing because they found polyps and diverticulosis.  However the timing was really unfortunate and it pushed back my surgery until after the colonoscopy could be arranged.  

I am sorry about your Russian trip - it sounds spectacilar.  Hopefully it is an easy reschedule!

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Wait to cancel. You might be able to go. I had full abdominal hysterectomy on March 17,2016 and went to Tuscany in Aprill for 10 days. It might not matter if you delay your treatment for the trip. My doctor told me to go and I’m so glad I did. As long as you recover from surgery well. You won’t be going anywhere for at least a year. I was in the right state of mind to fight and start chemo when I came back. Good luck to you. 

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Good luck with the surgery! I'm 10 days out of the same surgery, also robotic, and can't believe how great I feel. I really hope you have a similar experience. Keep us posted!

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gbazyl, I remember how much calmer I felt after meeting and talking with the gyn onc.  Everyone is different on how they respond to surgery but I would add that you might want to have Gas-X for after the surgery.  It will help break up the gas in your body - which can cause a lot of pain.  The one employee of mine who just had surgery for prostate cancer had sent me an email on how he was doing ok except for the pain.  I told him to get his wife to run out and get him some - I think he was surprised by how it helped. 

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Like the other's have said, I would wait to cancel that trip.   Especially if this is your first surgery.  I had the abdominal total hysterectomy and I felt so good I even over did it and ended up with a hernia.   I never had the robotic surgery but recovery is supposed to be quicker.  Also, speak with your doctors about when you need to take chemo.   They can work around your trip.

Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery on your upcoming surgery.


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I agree with the other ladies - the surgery was the easiest part of this whole experience.  I bought the Miralax as recommended but I had severe diarrhea, not constipation afterward.  My PA said to take Imodium ASAP and forget the Miralax.  I have suffered from IBS with diarrhea for years but it was usually stress induced.  I guess the surgery qualified as a stressor.  I also did not have any gas problems and again, maybe because of the diarrhea.  I was back to work within a few days but worked from home because my white blood count really tanked. 

I hope you have an easy time of it too.

Please let us know how things go.



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I, too, went in for my hysterectomy knowing I had Grade 3 Uterine Cancer.  Because I had my symptoms for months, not weeks, they assumed the worse.  I ended up having the lowest stage 1a and was able to by-pass chemo. So, keep that positive thinking up.

I, like the other ladies, suggest you wait on canceling your vacation.  The DaVinci surgery is an easy recovery.  However, be careful.  You feel so well afterward, you forget to follow the doctor's orders. Keep us posted on how surgery goes and the biopsy findings. Blessings as you move forward.

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Charissa...your horse looks like the boy I lease (7 years lol)     Half percheron and half thoroughbred...   Yours is a beauty...like you!


Thanks everyone for the kind word!

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Hope your surgery and subsequent treatments go well.

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