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Dandelion tea

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I heard some good things about dandelion tea, I never us d it yet but I ordred sone. In the mean time I wonder anybody has already used dandelion tea. I need some feedback please.

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Hi, I bought some for my husband to drink, you can get it in the grocery store.  I first heard of it on someone's post here, he or she listed some natural things they had included in their fighting this beast.  A friend from work also drinks it, she is not a CA patient but drinks her share of wine, says it's supposed to help detox the liver. Figure it couldn't hurt, have no idea if it  helps.  Feel better doing something.

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Thank you for response. Ilon the label indicates dand lion fights with cance but not sure it really does. Herbal stuff is also questionable and I don’t want  my CEA increasing.


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There is a research group in Windsor Ontario that did a study on this and had positive enough results that they started a company to develop it further. In a nutshell, they found it triggers apoptosis, and also helps to prevent metastasis of CRC.

Here is a bit on the research I found:


This is definitely worth the read

An important part of this is that you have to brew it really strong. For my typical day, I get to work at 6:30 and start a cup brewing. I put that on my cup warmer for the whole day, then I drink it when I'm almost ready to go home. Alternatively, you could simmer it on the stove for a couple hours.

Based on the research I've read, that is how long the studies were actually steeping the root in order to get everything out of it. I would say the resulting brew is about as bitter as black coffee.

It is ONE of the things I do anyway.


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Thanks all for information about Dandelion tea. Thank you, Thomas for an interesting article. 

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