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CT Scan Results

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I got them today. Nothing exciting. My lung mets are a bit bigger since the last scan in October. My CEA came down a tiny bit, whatever. Unfortunately, the adhesions continue to be a problem and now both kidneys are being pinched off by adhesions that have encircled them. So I guess I'll have to have another stent put in. Which was vey painful. Not the getting it in, the living with it. Spasms off pain that would shoot up into my tummy. Awesome... 

I start back on Panitumumab next Friday. Hopefully this time I can make it through without getting sepsis again. 


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I've had three kidney biopsies. Anything involving kidneys is very painful and very invasive. I hope you start catching a few breaks very soon , Hugs ron.

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Hard to know what to say when someone's path is a rocky one. Nothing rah-rah to be sure. I've gotten used to the harder stuff in life, but I can't tell you what I was thinking during the worst moments. I don't remember. Distraction, maybe. I suppose I was just trying to put one foot in front of the other. What gets me through a thing, doesn't seem to easily translate to anyone else, as we're all different. The thing this group brings, besides info, is empathy. For whatever it's worth, know you have ours.................................................Dave

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As Ron said,  I, too, hope you catch a few breaks soon- you have had a really rough road. If you do have to have the stents for the kidney adhesions, do you have  access to a pain managment doctor who might be able to help with the pain?


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Joan M
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Jan, Sorry to hear about your kidney problems.  Hope the panitumumab works for you this time.  Is your doctor reducing the dose?  

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Keeping you in my prayers. Mary

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I'm sorry to hear this. You are always so upbeat about it, but I know you're hurting. It sucks the life out of you to hear bad news. 

But, you know the road, you've travelled it long enough with too many bumps. Keep on keeping on, thats about all you can do. 

Good luck with the chemo, again. 


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Sorry to hear this Jan, you have sure been through the ringer and back again. Keeping you in my thoughts. PS, love your photo with the horses:)

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i guess the fact that the lung mets only got a little bigger is good. I wish they could help with the adhesions, and I really hope the chemo does not get you sick again. I have been thinking of you.

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Sorry that it's not the results you wanted.  Can't say what it's like to have the kidney situation as I've never been in it but sorry that you have to go through that again.  I'm wishing you the best.  You've been through so much and just wishing you less pain and better news going forward.


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Canadian Sandy
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What can I say. Wish the results would have been better. Thinking of you and hoping for better news next time.

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I am so sorry.

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Thanks for the support everyone. It was a good news, bad news thing. The chemo should work for the mets again but the idea of having to have a stent again is really upsetting. Every time I sat down it was like having a stick shoved up through me. The pain would make me gasp. When they took it out the doctor said they'd used a really big one so maybe they can use a small one and it won't be so bad. I pray so, anyway. If I have to live with that pain I'll never ride my horse again.


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I forgot to mention that Ive had a partial blockage since Saturday so haven't been feeling well all week. Makes me miserable. Dehydrated, cramps, weak, fatigued. All thanks to me eating spinach. 


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So sorry about the blockage.  People with colo/rectal cancer seem to have much more to deal with after the initial diagnosis/surgery/chemo/radiation due to all the side effects that it all causes.  We have to watch what we eat, how much we eat, how to chew, etc. and still we have trouble.  Wishing you the best - this has to be so hard to deal with. 


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You look so beautiful and upbeat in your picture. It's so hard to imagine all that you have endured and what you are faced with now. I remember you posted about having good days, and good weeks, and sometimes good months! I understand that now. And I'm hopeful you'll get through these new challenges and enjoy good years ahead! Praying, -Beth

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All one can do is imagine what you are going through, as you have been a rcok on this forum and we all feel for what you have to deal with.

I hope that is ends up being the least of all evils for you.

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