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I'm back with a question...

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Hello all again, 

So I'm looking for a little bit of advice, I hope you all don't mind, because it looks like we've got a little bit of waiting ahead of us. 

After my mother got her test results back with the blessed negative results, etc, (cervical polyps, negative biopsy, negative ultrasound) - her gyno did an exam on her to test how far she had healed from him removing the cervical polyps. She had stopped bleeding, was feeling good and upbeat, so she consented to the exam and he did the whole thing. While he was examining her, she felt a little bit of pain inside from the instrument he was using on her and suddenly the doctor said 'OOPS'. A soft little oops. And the nurse that was overseeing it said "What did you do?" 

My mother of course demanded to know what was going on and he said for her not to worry and applied more silver nitrate inside of her. Within an hour, she was bleeding again. Now she's got an appointment on Friday with this specialist she was supposed to see to discuss having a complete hysterectomy in the future to rule out ever having any problems again and now the appointment might get delayed because where we live is supposed to get slapped with about 10 inches of snow and the doctor might not make up here anyway. If so, her appointment might get delayed until next week. 

Does this sound like the gyno nicked her? Would being cut on the inside bleed this long? (It's been a little over two weeks now). The bleeding is steady medium-ish flow but recently she's began cramping as well. I keep nagging her to go to the ER but she refuses, saying that they cannot do anything for her. And this doctor is supposed the only specialist within a long ways (we live in NY and he's coming up from PA). I know you are all not doctors so forgive me for sounding whiney and pushy but I just cannot figure this out. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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ReginaMarie, More than likely something wasn’ t quite healed and whatever instrument the doctor was using touch the site and he knew it probably caused your Mom some discomfort or pain. Or his instrument slipped and he said “oops”. If it was anything serious the doctor would have told your Mom after the exam or procedure was done. If you call the physcian’s nurse and share with them that you aren’ t sure if bleeding and cramping this long after procedure is “normal” or anything to be concerned about. They will want to know how many pads or Tampons are soaked in what period of time. They will also want to know if your Mom’s pain level can be rated on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most severe). Also if she has had any other changes -bowel or bladder. Does taking Tylenol help the pain? Remember that doctor is your partner in getting your Mom the best possible care. He or she would want to know of your concerns if they are any “good”.  Your Mom’s doctor’s Nurse can tell you what your next best step is. Sure hope you have all-wheel drive for the 10 inches of snow! 

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I've had cervical polyps removed 6 times, and the bleeding from their being removed usually stops the same day.  I've never had a doctor go back and look at them afterwards, so I wonder if your mother's doctor suspected something else was going on.  The fact that she still has pain is worrisome.  What is she taking for the pain?  If she's taking aspirin, Motrin, or Aleve, they might contribute to making her bleed more.  If she doesn't get in to see the specialist, she should see someone else as soon as she can get in.  Maybe she should get a second opinion from another GYN in case her doctor did cut her somehow and doesn't want to admit it or get sued.  Two weeks definitely seems like too long a time to be bleeding.  I don't know where she is in regard to menopause, but even if she's around that age, it still seems like it should have stopped by now if it's due to an extra long menstrual cycle.  I'm guessing she's already past that like most of the women on this site.

I'm another person from NY (upstate).  My area is only supposed to get 3-5" of snow, thank God. It's so weird having temperatures in the 50's and 60's and then going back to snow tomorrow night.  My step-daughter just missed an appointment with her GYN last week because of a snowstorm.  She's had bleeding between periods and is quite worried, as I am about her, and now she can't be seen until March 20.  I hope your mother doesn't have to miss her appointment.  Ten inches of snow will definitely be a problem.

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