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Need some advice and help My sister is suffering from AML

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My sister has been suffering from AML for about a year now and She had a first BMT transplant about 6 months ago. Everything was going well but suddenly her platelets started dropping. They did a bone marrow biopsy and noticed the leukemia has came back. We are very worried now. Everywhere I look at online nobody has anything to say good about relapse. She is only 30 years old and I hate to see her just give up. The doctors are not saying much at this moment. They are saying there is not much options at this time. I also hear very good things about different cancer hospitals like MD anderson and MSKCC. Do you think it is better to take her for a second opinion anywhere else at this time? Does all the hospitals have similar treatment through out the United States or is it different in these big hospitals? Is this happend to anyone before? I am not sure if they will go for second bone marrow transplant? Is there any alternative treatment that anyone is following for aml? All i want to do it help my sister if there is anything out there or anywhere i can take her. I don't want to give up on anything right now. Please let me know if anyone is using alternative treatment or anything that is helping them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much. 

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If there is spleen and liver discomfort I found that some papaya enzime 5 or so tabs 4 x day relived discomfort.  It worked for my

CLL wish you sister well.

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I actually discussed this with my transplant doctor (after googling AML and transplants, she said unread it), and was told some of my transplant cells had been saved, so should I relapse we will use those or whatever options are available.  Also, my regular Oncologist/Hematologist said every six months leaps and bounds are made in the treatment of AML and all other cancers.  My 'sister' (not blood, but my blood sister wouldn't even get checked to see if she was a match) lives in TX and we agreed, if there's a problem, I'll go down there to MD Anderson.  I've been in a financial bind, so I haven't even been able to drive to see my doctors, but can get free airfare if I had to go to TX, so if that's a viable option for your sister, I would consider it.  Of course, I'm stubborn, so if a doctor said 'not much we can do' I'd find someone with a different attitude.

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What was your mutation?

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