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RCC Warriors

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Ok the line up for my week is as follows...

~ Today..

Mentally prepare for the rest of the week.

~ Wednesday...

8 AM surgery to remove skin cancer from my nose and skin graft from my ear to my nose followed by pre scan bloodwork.

~ Thursday...

Try not to dwell on what my face looks like.


~ Friday....... THE DAY

First set of post op scans. CT of chest, abdomen & pelvis. Xrays of lungs and mammogram.

~ Weekend.....   Try to stay bust until Tuesday when I get the results.

Please keep me in your thoughts. It is very comforting to know that most all of you can relate.  I am so very thankful for you all!




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Man what an awful week you have lined up. Don't  get too anxious on the facial surgeries post op. Like the regular surgeries it will need time to heal. The swelling and wound site will fade over time and it is possible only you will know its there. It will be hard but you should be fine. On my first set of scans my surgeon called late the day of scans to say there was nothing there so I didn't have to dwell on the waiting. Hoping you have uneventful procedures and sending positive thoughts.

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praying everything goes well


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Sending positive thoughts your way! 


~ stephanie



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Hugs and keeping fingers crossed for NED and sucessfull nose surgery!


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