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Gastro problems post-hysterectomy

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Hello, everyone -

I last posted just before my hysterectomy, but then I got the flu and surgery was delayed a week. I had a DaVinci total hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy 6 days ago and came home 18 hours later. Had only tylenol and advil after surgery, and 3 doses of senna (2 at hospital, 1 right after coming home). No pain, feeling great, but a little tired.

Except for my gastro system. I had the first BM the day after I came home and it was diarrhea. And that's been the case multiple times every day since then. Some cramping and stomach gurgling too, but not like right after the surgery. Stool is quite dark.

I just talked to gyn onc's office and my doctor is suggesting I take Benefiber to "bulk up" my stool. When I asked the nurse why the doctor chose that solution and what the doc thinks is going on, the nurse couldn't tell me.

I am vegetarian and my normal diet is much more fiber-rich than the average person. I started probiotics and some yogurt a couple days after coming home.

Does Benefiber sound right to you? I've never needed to take it and have read that it can help with diarrhrea, but it just strikes me as odd to be told to get more fiber in my diet when my usual diet is quite high fiber.

Anyone else have this experience and any wisdom for me? Thanks!

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Uhhhhh....benefiber makes you GO.  It doesn't sound like you are having that problem.  The BRAT diet https://draxe.com/brat-diet/ is most often suggested.  It was recommended during radiation as that often causes diarrhea.  I would say if it continues to be dark it is something that needs to be addressed.  Dark stool could be blood and that needs attention.  I hope you can get some relief. 

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I also had a DaVinci surgery, and they are truly amazing for recovery.  Do remember that most of your incisions are on the inside, and recovery takes a while.  I agree that if you're at all concerned, it warrants a phone call to your doctor - but I do recall that because my intestines were flopped around pretty good during surgery, it took a couple weeks to settle down.  Best wishes as you heal!

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Ha! Yes, indeed. Everything in there is enjoying new real estate, I guess.

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