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My mom

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mom just diagnosed with colon cancer with spots on liver an lung.

any helpful information would be much appreciated...

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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. This is a great place to get good information. There are a number of people on here who have lived a long time after a stage four diagnosis. Have they set up a strategy for your mom? If chemo is included let us know which chemo and we can give you information on that. Try to avoid Googling it. Much of the information will be old or not be helpful. It seems like usually they do some chemo and then do surgery but what you'll find is that colon cancer varies greatly with each person. Reactions to chemo do as well. Treatment options are also varied for everyone. The spots on her liver and lung are still colon cancer so any chemo will affect them as well. 


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Thank you

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So sorry to hear about your mom.  This is a great bunch of people that can help you get your questions answered.  I'm sure that others can help you with your questions that you have.  There has been much improvement in medical treatment in the last 10-15 years.  Please come back on the board to let us know how your mom is doing.  Wishing her the best.


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I'm sure you've already assembled the team to work on her treatment so I think I'll just defer to the experts.  I just wish your mom well on whichever route her doctors are planning for her.  Be positive, and always have hope.  

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to get a lot of information thrown at you very quickly.  I would suggest getting s notebook to write down everything they tell you and all the questions you have. 

Good luck to your mom with her treatment. 

And you take good care of yourself your mom is going to need you through all of this.



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