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Bent over to change a diaper, now in pain.

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I am almost 5 weeks post op from my open partial nephrectomy on my right kidney. Yesterday I was changing my 2 year olds diaper on the bed and I got a sharp stabbing pain in where the incision site is. Almost like a punch. Ever since then my whole right abdomen has been in pain, especially on top of the incision site. My whole right side and my back is constantly aching. It also hurts to take a deep breath. I called my urologist to see if there is anything else I can do at home (we got snowed in and no way I'm going anywhere with my kids). They just said its my nerves refiring and keep using a heating pad and rest... Has this happened to anyone else? I feel like its more than just the nerves refiring... I'm going in tomorrow to talk to the Dr. 



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----your husband do that for a few days and wait on you a bit.




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I had a similar experience when I was about 7-8 weeks post up last month (also open partial).  I was standing and leaning over a table working on something for a few minutes, and when I stood up I got the zap of pain.  It wasn't as intense as what you're describing, but I was also a few weeks further along in my recovery.  I didn't talk to the doctor, but it would make sense that what happened to me was from nerves acting up as your doc suggested.  It only lasted a few days, so hopefully it will be over quickly for you too.

I read your "about me" page and saw what you wrote about your 5 year old son's research.  My 7 year old son did the same thing.  He asked my wife to take him to the library to get medical books.  He dug right in and explained all sorts of facts about kidneys to me.  It was the happiest i'd been since I found out about the tumor.  These little guys make this whole thing easier...

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Sorry you have become a member of this club. I still get pains in my surgical area and I am 17 months out from a open nephrectomy. I would ask your doctor because yours seems more severe. Try to remember that surgeon has touched and cut into a vital organ through tissue, muscle and nerves. You will have pain for a while. I would take Iceman's advice and let others wait on you for a while longer, even if you feel like you can do it. Smile

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