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Driving myself crazy searching my pathology report results

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First, thank you.  So happy I found this site.


I love Google but I can't stop researching and the more I look...the more I worry.   Seeing the oncologist on March 2.




Has anyone been treated for:


 Endometrial, large and polyps, curettings: High grade endometrial adenocarcinoma with serous and endometrioid

features in a background of endometrial polyps




 Uterine fibroids, biopsy: Fragments of high grade endometrial carcinoma.


If so, can you share your treatment with me.  I want to be well informed when I see the doctor.     I am 70 years old.


Thank you so much.









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I had grade 2 stage II endometrial adenocarcinoma with serrous.  I'm guessing from the phrase high grade the recoomendation will be to do a complete hystorectomy as soon as possible becase of the rate of the growth which I am also guessing must be a grade 3.  If it is contained in the uterus then a hysterectomy should be the only treatment you need especially if it is still in stage 1.  Staging is hard to identifiy without further testing or a biposy of your uterus.  I did not find out the staging of mine until after surgery.  I hope you get good news and hopfully they take good care of you.  I'll be praying for you.

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Best wishes and welcome. I'm glad you found this site; I've gotten better information here than I ever did in my oncologist's office [sadly enough]. I can't prognosticate what your doctor will say but, based on what you wrote, I imagine that a hysterectomy will be recommended. 'High grade' and 'serous' tend to also result in chemo and/or radiation, regardless of stage. There's lots of good information on this site and if you put "high grade" into the search function lots of stuff will come up.

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Welcome, gbazyl and lucindaw.  

gbazyl, my two cents?  try to take a breath.  I think derMaus is on the mark with 'high grade' will give a ton of information.  I am not sure what type of biopsy you had, but I would see if anyone else can go to the doctor with you so you have a second set of ears with you.  Maybe someone who can take notes for you??  Are you meeting with a gynecologic oncologist?  This is a gynecologist who has taken additional training for cancer of the female reproductive system.  

Please let us know what they say and what they are recommending.  

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Thank you so much for responding!   Yes I will see a gyn/oncologist next week.  

The high grade just upset me more then anything else.   I feel like every day those popcorn kernnels are popping in my uterus and that cancer is growing....I know this is in my head but that is all I think about


I had a D&C and they did the pathology on all the junk that was taken out.   Multiple polyps and fibroids.   The only happy thing I read was it did not seem to be in the cervix.


I will let you know the results of the visit and hope that it may help someone else.   


Have a great evening

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The best advice a friend gave me was to not google too much until you know exactly what they have diagnosed you with (which was after my surgery) There is no reason to get worked up searching and reading things that might just stress you more. Relax :)  Take someone with you was another great tip. I had my husband and a friend go with me to every appointment and that helped. Even now, after all my treatments, I don't google the survivor %, I live one day at a time and everyone's out come is different. I chose to enjoy each day. Will pray for wisdom and peace for you.

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I agree with Cass. I have never asked about my prognosis chance of living. You are a statistic of one. Live each day to its fullest. Prayers that you will have peace with this.

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