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Finals on test results

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From the 1st CT in Sept., I had the gift that kept on giving!!!  Within the past two days, I got to review results of the gastroscopy and US follow-up on the mammogram.  NO Cancer and come back in 3 months for a regular check.  Talk about a 4 1/2 month emotional roller coaster.  Besides the many visits to Dr's, the hospital that didn't have it's collective act together, incomplete or no calls from the medical offices re results in a timely manner, etc. and then the bills, the weight gain over the holidays that is hard to take off.....you get the idea.  STRESS, which we know we are supposed to avoid.

The only real plus of the tests was the fact that Osteoporosis was discovered in my spine, so I'm now on Raloxifene, which may cause weight gain.

It's going to take a bit of time to get my brain back in gear.  And then I'll have to play nursemaid and bully when my hubby has another back surgery after spring vaca.

I hope no one has to go thru what I went thru-with cancer and with the screw ups that occurred the past few months.  I was in that Fight or Flight mode...and boy did I fight.  I made some enemies; but the hospital finally concluded they had a proceedural failure that was happening with 25% of patients who were being referred to the hospital for a variety of tests. The offices of referring Dr's were waiting until 2 days before the scheduled test to request pre-auth from the insurance companies.  But for some companies it should be 4-5 working days.  And patients, like me, were receiving phone calls from billing the eve before the test telling me the test was not authorized.  And if I were to have the test anyway, the ins. could deny payment on the entire amount; or I could cancel and foul up the entire domino effect of those involved.  "Luckily", the surgeon had a family emergeny and my gastroscopy had to be postponed another 3 weeks.

To say my tests were NED is kind of awkward.  For now, it was no evidence of disease/cancer in what was zapped, nuked, explored, photographed, u-sounded, palpated, etc.

And, BRRRRR.  we're finally getting the Arctic front on the Oregon coast.  

Hugs to all,



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Yay!!  I have been thinking about you everyday and am so glad that you can finally take a bit of a breath.

I'm so sorry that you had to go through so much to get there though.  Stay warm.

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I am so happy for you! You have been o my mind especially as my first set of scans approach.



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I'm very happy for the final results. You are such a warrior and deserve a life long victory

I love your new photo


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I'm so happy for you! I'm sorry the hell you've had to go through. I hope things will be easier in the future! I live here in the willamette valley and yep, expecting snow tonight! Be safe and take care!



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Didn't expect nothing else from you! Great news Donna!

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Uphill battle to get there, made the news sweeter!

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Glad you got the clear and that you kicked up a few  stinks

Dont know how you learn to cope with insurance problems in the mddle Of being ill

we Just have doctors who try to keep you away from hospitals and tests until you  are half dead anyway unless you strike it lucky

and for me you are now NED

Hope hubby is ok




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Great news. I hope you are able to find rest now.

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Sorry you had a bad experience with tests...

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If I'm in a bind with any of my medical appointments, I'll ask that you stand in my corner.  Heck--I'm sure your name is out in the medical world, so the mere mention of you would send them in a panicWink  All kidding aside, Donna, I'm very happy for this news.  It's been a long haul for you lately.  Hope you can find peace and comfort in this great news.



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Good for you for fighting! Sounds extremely stressful. But happy for your good results. Hugs back xo

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Glad you got some good news. The unneeded stress that shouldn't even come your way is the worse. Enjoy your well deserved ME time.

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Donna, so glad all is OK! You deserve a restful time and break from all tests!

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You where always inspiration to me since I joined the board 3 years ago 

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Happy for you

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for Donna. No  one in their right mind should ever get in her way. Including illness. Love you Donna!

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Very good news. Best thing I've read all day!!

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Great news! Didn't expect anything less.  Have  a great spring!

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Hey there, Donna, great news~

FYI: I always get my own copies of radiologists reports right away or w/in 2 days. Once I had an MRi (looking for bone mets) at 7AM and got the written report by 3pm. NO cancer..whew. I also went through an US for something they saw on a mammogram but the radiologist came and checked for himself and told me in person I was ok.

Sending you continued HOPE and wellness!


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So happy you got good results. And sorry you had to go through all that garbage to get there

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for your good wishes.  For a long time, it felt like I was tilting a windmills; and getting no-where.  When one of the hospital supers called to let me know they were changing their proceedure/behaviour, I felt vindicated for bi******** as long and loud as I did.

Hopefully, I won't have to go thru so many tests back-to-back again; and what I do have will be easier on the emotions.  Only time will tell.

Hugs and love to all.


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Sorry I'm so late on this, and all you've been enduring but happy for your outcome.


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