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Hey all!!! I am 3 mths out from my radical nephrectomy (laparoscopic). The dr obviously did a lot of digging during the surgery to remove my kidney and check all of my other organs. I know swelling is normal, but I am wondering how long I can expect it to happen. It isn't every day. I mostly notice it after I do sit ups (I am still quite sore by the way) or if I jog. I am careful and if I feel something is uncomfortable I stop. I am expecting to swell maybe 6 mths to 1 yr, but I am curious to know how it went or how it is going for others. Thank you.

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I still have a little beuty bulge after 15 1/2 years. Hoping it goes awayy soon or stays another 15 1/2 years. Whatever.




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Iceman, I guess I lucked out bc I don't have a bulge. I just get overall swelling....

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Mine started as overall swelling doctor said it will go a way ....it didn't ......now I have a bugle...keep in eye  

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But I did have numbness and sometimes even pain for almost 2 years.  Specially when tired or did a little too much at the gym.  Actually,  doing abdos has continued to be tricky for me and if I slightly overdo it, there is some pain like deep inside.  I have become used to this so I watch my limits.  I guess everyone is different.  Be watchful but also remember we went thru a very invasive surgery.  Maybe Im wrong but If I remember correctly you tried too fast to go back to normal?  It does takes some time.  Take care!

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So you mean my swelling midriff might be from the surgery and not the theraputic doses of artisan ice cream and homemade organic chocolate pudding I've consumed post-op? Huh. That's good to know.

Joking aside, my swelling just sort of got less and less. It's hard to say, "It was gone in [however many] months." I'm 14 months out from my surgery and mostly what I get now in terms of discomfort are occasional brief pains that feel as though someone is poking my inside with a pointy fingernail. Then it's gone.

Take care of yourself. Plus, if it swells "when you do sit ups..." then maybe try something different for working your core, back off a bit. Sit ups aren't easy on your body. How about planks? Here's a link to the difference between the two. https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/want-a-stronger-core-skip-the-sit-ups

Plus your body might appreciate your getting your aerobic workout / stamina training in a way that doesn't bounce your innards around quite so much. Recumbent bike? Walking? Race walking? Swimming? Yoga? Tai Chi? It never hurts to cross-train.

All the best --

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Thanks all! I am actually cross training so hopefully it will be ok. I knew it would take a long time to heal so was just womdering how it went for everyone.

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I have mine 2 1/2 months post surgery for and open... I also have some numbness in my groin area and I'm pretty sure I have a hernia now also which is just making it look worse.. Hopefully I can get it fixed.. Time will tell.. just listen to your body as it will tell you what you can and can not do..


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How much swelling are we talking about?  I'm only about ten days out from surgery - was supposed to be laproscopic...and the process was, then there were complications and they cut a new insision and pulled the sucker out from there.  I have belly swelling/numbness that's driving me crazy...I can't comfortably wear my pants.  Now, I know it's going to get better than it is now and I should be able to wear my jeans...but i'm surprised to hear people still having issues so much past the surgery.  Is it just a little swelling that stays?  More like what I'm seeing now with only a little more going down?  I know everyone will heal differently, this was just an after affect I'd not heard about before.

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Hey Tapman63. I am almost 4 months out. I used to get super swollen as if I was 5 months pregnant. That was if I was on my feet too much or was too active. I was really swollen last week because I jogged outside. It is now not a daily thing, but if I do too much it rears its ugly head. I do believe it is normal. You are fresh out of surgery so it will take some time. I still have that annoying numbness to the right of my largest incision...So annoying.

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