Brother with Advanced NSCLC

My brother (56 years old) was diagnosed in December 2017 with Stage 4b NSCLC.  It has metastized to his liver, ribs, spine & shoulder.  The doctors say not to think of it as a death sentence but from what I read the prognosis is very poor. I'm wondering if there are any 4b survivors out there. I have read about a few 4a survivors but not b.  Since he was diagnosed he had 12 rounds of radiation & 2 rounds of chemo, he will have a total of 6. Things have changed a lot.  In December he was in pain but still able to drive & maintain in life. Now he can't drive, can't even buckle a seatbelt, walks with a cane but only very short distances, he can't hold himself up.  I'm wondering if he is getting worse this quickly or if these things are side effects from trearments?  Background information, my Dad died at 56 from Lung Cancer in 1980, 4 months after diagnoses, my sister died stage 4b cervical cancer in 2013, 2 years after being diagnosed, she was 50 years old.  


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    Hello....try posting on

    Hello....try posting on Lots more people over there. Very compassionate and knowledgeable. Wishing your brother well. Take care.