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Scan Results

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Hello CSN Friends...I had my annual scans at MD Anderson on Feb 12th. My chest x-ray was clear. But the MRI found a 6mm indeterminate enhancing lesion on the lumbar region of my spine. It says it is isointense on the precontrast T1 W images. (I don't understand MRI terminology). They said it was too small to know for sure. Scan again in 6 months. My doctor originally told me that I had a 95% chance of no recurrence for 5 years. Many PA's and nurses also told me that my pathology (Stage 1 Grade 2) rarely recurs. I've previously reached out to Smart Patients and many people calmed with fears saying very low chance of reccurence. So needless to say I am scared and worried. I want to let go of this and not worry for the next 6 months. Wish me luck...~Panda~

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With as small as your tumor was I think it is very unlikely that you have any mets.  See if you can have your scans looked at by another Doctor Who might be able to interpret them better .  Best wishes sending good thoughts and prayers your way hopefully you can try not to be consumed with anxiety .

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Hi. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about. I am sure if it was a concern they would have told you. Hang in there!!!

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I saw your post on Smart Patients and followed the feedback people provided.  I agree, there is a lot of optimism they shared that the lesion noted on your report isn't  a reoccurrance.  BUT, like that tune that gets stuck in your head, cancer thoughts will be tough to suppress over the next couple months.  I can't add anything that will take that away other than my prayers and knowing you wont be far from my thoughts.

Wishing you only the best


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Hang in there! I know it's impossible not to worry. Good thoughts and prayers for you!

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I appreciate the advice and thank you everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers. ~Panda~

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sorry to hear about this reason to worry. But all you've heard before is correct. Stage 1 Grade 2 rarely comes back. Also, kidney cancer has tendency to reapper mostly in lungs in the first place.

There was also great advise given by previous poster - you can check you scans with another radiologist for second opinion.

Or perhaps get a CT for alternative look?

Good luck to you, keep us posted!


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