3 weeks post-op yesterday

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3 weeks post-op yesterday. Went to surgeon for check up. Scheduled CT scan mid-May to make sure right kidney is healing and working properly as well as to see what the tumor on my left side is doing. Growing means another surgery asap. No to little change, we will discuss best option. Still on pain meds 2x per 24 hrs, so, better there. He said the cancer was in a very difficult place, had to cut into a couple of layers of the kidney and fairly deep into the kidney and that is why I am still in pain vs me thinking I'm a wussy girl. Let the waiting begin....again.


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    Best wishes and prayers

    for a smooth recovery and an even smoother road ahead.

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    Awe sounds sore. I hope you

    Awe sounds sore. I hope you take it easy and heal up nicely. All the best!