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Pins and Needles

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I had an open partial of my right kidney on 1/26.  My incision is healing up nicely, but sore.  I knew I would have nerve issues at the incision.  My question is about my right thigh.  From my hip to my knee, it feels like my leg is falling asleep.  Pins and needles feeling.  Sounds like possible nerve compression.  Anyone experience this?  Did it eventually go away?  I"m hoping it eventually does, as it hurts.  

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Yes, I had numbness in my left hip and upper thigh for a while after my partial (left kidney). I can't remember for how long but yes, it went away.

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Hi Cybball, I had same as you - open partial on right kidney.  My right side, especially my thigh probably down to my knee, was numb for a long time.  Lots of tightness in abdomen also.  Both have gone away and feel back to normal.  I also don't remember how long that took, but I'm a year and a half from surgery and have felt normal for quite a while.  

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Bay Area Guy
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I had a robotic partial on my right kidney in June, 2016.  I had, and continue to have, that falling asleep feeling, but from hip to mid-thigh on my right side.....knee is fine.  I walk and run fine and it’s not uncomfortable, but if I half way punch it, all I feel is a tingle.   I asked the surgeon at my Followup why he hit me with a baseball bat, but all I found out was surgeons don’t quite get the notion of humor.

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Oh sorry to hear that. I didn't have it, but it is a major surgery and I am sure some things will come and go. I hope you heal up nicely.

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