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Quick question about a fever

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first off I am not neutropeniic. I developed a mild cough this morning and now have a temp of 100.5. My husband has been sick so I’m sure that I got it from him. Should I just wait until morning and call my Oncologist?

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Pre-treatment? In treatment? Post treatment? 100f/38C is normally the point at which they want you to go to the ER. But a phone call is the first step. They have 24 hour lines - or should have.

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I’m in treatment. One more to go next Tuesday. As of yesterday my white count was 12. The nulasta is doing its job

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I would call tonight


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100.5°F is the number at which I have been instructed to call immediately. That temp + cough would have me on the phone to the 24-hr line for my clinic. I'm not entirely sure that the Neulasta "bump" really counts as not being neutropenic, since it will fall again in a few days. Plus, it is flu season and you do not want the flu. Call.

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I did call and was told if i couldn't get it  below 100.5 within an hour to go to the ER. It did drop to 100 so the next morning i called my Onc and she had me come in an get my nose swabbed for the flu, i haven't heard back yet. I also had an appt. at the Ortho doc this morning to see if my broken wrist needs to be set but they wouldn't see me with a fever had to reschedule for Friday, hopefully i will be better then. My last chemo treatment is next Tuesday so i hope all of this is resolved by then I have been very positive through this whole journey but i have to say all of this is getting me down. But i can see the light at the end of the tunnel,even if it does seem like a small light right now. And this took forever to type with one hand!

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Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive energy your way! :-)

I have this on my tablet and talk to text works great if you can do that. Just don't forget to say punctuation or you end up with one continuous sentence. 

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