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UTI issues after surgery

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I am having issues with UTI infections.  My latest urinalysis said i have Serratia marcescens.  I am on one antibiitoc pill per day for a month to try and clear it up, but from what I read it doesn't reaact well to antibiotics.  The symptoms are awful and I've had this for over a month now.  Anyone else experience this?

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i have no experience with this, but do know that drinking a LOT of water may help with some symptoms?  Hope you feel better!

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Did you get UTI's before?  Have you been given/bought urinary alkaliser to help with the burning symptoms.   Dilution of urine  will help with symptoms.   It is listed as an often acquired bacteria from hospital catheterisation.  Do you think that is how you have come about it? 

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I'm not sure how I got it, but I have been to alot of dr's offices lately.  The symptoms first appeared in late December and have never gotten any better..  I had another UTI before that, but I can't remember when.  But my surgery was just in September.  I was given meds for the burning symptoms, which aren't that bad right now, but the meds didn't help at all when I took them. 

My urologist has ordered a CT with and without contract for tomorrow to take a look and see whats going on.  I'm not sure what he's looking for I feel better just knowing he is taking a look.

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My uro/onc doctor advised me to take a daily cranberry supplement.  Since I started that, no UTI's I'm thrilled to report.  That's almost 2 years ago.

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