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Hi Everyone:) I have been taking Letrozole for a year now and I literally can barely walk, hold a glass, and my bones and muscles ache so bad. I am suppose to take it for 20 years and I cannot imagine it is worth taking that long and being this miserable. I am 46 years old and was VERY ACTIVE and now cant do any kind of exercising because of the pain. My Dr just blows me off when I talk about it and I have tried the others. Same thing. Any one else have any INFO or ADVICE on what I could do or take to help:) I am raising my 3 year old grandbaby now and I NEED to feel better:)


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There are other AI's that can be given.  I started with Armidex which caused throat and voice problems for me.  At first onco did not feel they were related.  I went to an ENT and my radiology onco.  Both scoped and agreed there was NO visible cause for my issues.  Irritation, but no inflammation.  I finally got onco to agree to allow me to stop for a month.  After a week all symptoms were gone.  Before I went back I put myself back on the Armidex.  Within 3 days my throat was scratchy and voice compromised.  Now I am on Letrozole.  Do I have other SE?  You bet!  We have to decide what is tolerable and what is not.

best regards

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Hi, i am on this drug.I have the joint pain especially in my knees.Some days are bad i have good days. My doctor said excercise,it help me.

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Yes, ask to try another.  The struggle and the fight is real.  Be bold and be in control of your treatments as much as you can.

prayers and hugs,


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Hello Denaporter, sorry you are in so much pain! I have only been on Letrozole for about a year..I also take additional calicum tablets and vit D (oncologist told me what additional amounts to take daily) I also continued my daily treadmill walks 20 min each morning . Any type of leg movements help ..especially when I first get out of bed and after sitting for long period of time I have stiffness and joint pain ..but as soon as I turn my music on and just walk on my treadmill...IM IN ANOTHER WORLD....     AS ALWAYS KEEP TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING.



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I am supposed to start taking this dreaded pill.  I have the script and its still sitting on my table.  I have been reading that different manufacturers have different side effects due to the number of fillers in the meds.  Can anyone post the manufacturer of their letrozole and let us all know which ones don't have such severe side effects?  Sandoz doesnt make it anymore.....I had researched that one and read it was one of the best.  


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Hi Davis Vicky,

I was diagnosed stage 4 last Sept 2017.  Mets.  I have been on Ibrance and Letrozole.  I believe my brand name is Femora.  I have had pains in my bones but minimal and thankful for that.  As we all know, we all manage our drugs and bodies differently.  My dosage is 2.5mg.  I've put on weight, not too much, but growing out of my bra - which is ironic!  Feel free to ask me anything.  God bless us all.  - Kat

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