Recurrence, PSA on the rise

For two years after Prostatectomy PSA undetectabl, starting third year PSA started a slow rise. Going into the fifth year PSA .29 I have been treated at NIH under a study,you cannot get better treatment anywhere else. They have made a decision under a new study to start radiation everyday except Saturday and Sunday for a four week period adjusting the dose. They feel giving a somewhat stronger dose of radiation in a shorter period may be more effective. In addition I will be placed on hormone therapy of Casodex and Lupron for a six month period.

Any man with Prostate Cancer can be treated at NIH under there study. When excepted int the program no charges for anything, you get the absolute best care.





  • Jerry Mac
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    How are things going with the combined treatment. I will have a Lupron shot May 30. The doc says wait 3 months after that to check psa. Just curious