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It has been a little over two (2) years since my Chemo treatment. I am still experiencing a significant amount of Neuropathy in my fingers and feet. 

I thought by now that the Neuropathy would be gone or atleast not be so intense. I recall my medical oncologist saying whatever side effects I still have in a years time, most likely, those will be the side effects that will remain with me. 

Each day, it is my hope that I might be that one who defies the odds, and there is still a possiblility that the Neuropathy will subside or lessen. So, I remain hopeful and still I wait patiently.

Can anyone else relate?


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    It may remain

    Hi Hope4ly,

    I had lymphoma in 2012 and have now a slight neuropathy, a little numbness, in my feet. It is not much and does not bother me at all. It does not lessen though and will probably remain the way it is.

    Good luck!