Ok so I had my left kidney removed 9 weeks ago but for the last two weeks or so I have had a pain in my ribs/Back on right side. Went to the Dr she said I had a rib out. However the pain is lower now and located on my side at the bottom of my ribcage. When you run your hand firmly across it the feeling is very bumpy under the skin and sore???

I already had bloodwork done on my liver and it came back fine.....

Any thoughts??





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    Pains off and on


    For many of this it is just part of the initiation. Do keep on top of your doctors thoguh if it continues or gets worse.




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    Cin... Is it sharp pain that

    Cin... Is it sharp pain that is sudden then goes away?? Because I have this as well.. it's short and Sharp ... And there's no rhyme or reason to it. May happen when I've been sitting in the same position for a while and especially riding. My doctor told me that there are a lot of nerves affected with our type of surgery and it can translate pain in crazy places that weren't even worked on during the surgery. He told me it was completely normal. But if I had a constant pain that wouldn't go away and that got worse if you applied pressure that I needed to contact them to get it looked at. 

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    My first scans are the beginning of March. If it is still there then I will bring it back up. My husband says it feels like muscle to him but it's gritty/bumpy under the skin.

    Anyways probably just paranoia. Lol




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    It may be a place they had to

    It may be a place they had to cut the muscles when doing your surgery. Hard to say.. but possible I'm sure! 

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    Sorry you are in pain. Could

    Sorry you are in pain. Could be referred pain as your body is still healing. However, see a chiropractor who does the "gentle" type of re-alignment, like B.E.S.T kind of treatment. Or acupuncture helps too... a lot!

    Keep us posted!


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    I still have pain on my

    I still have pain on my incision, but it comes and goes. Its seems like it is getting better with time.

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    Hi. I think all of that pain

    Hi. I think all of that pain/discomfort is totally normal comsidering the major surgery you had. Nine weeks is still in the timeframe for healing. I had a radical back on Nov.7th and still get weird pains and soreness. Hope you heal up soon!