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Non-Toxic compliment to standard therapy - Updated

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Prof. Seyfried may be known to some here for his work (as a researcher) with GBM patients (and others) in applying strategies to suppress glucose uptake in cancer cells

In this short 2017 talk Prof. Seyfried discusses an updated metabolic strategy, which he calls  Press-Pulse.  He explains it starting about 13:15. 


The paper can be found here:


 The basic idea is to reduce baseline glucose by diet (with some calorie restriction) as  a baseline then administer glucose and glutamine inhibitors periodically along with hyperbaric oxygen.  Stress management is also part of the baseline.

NOTE:  This is not a proven majic bullet.   There are still many unanswered questions in the area of metabolic therapies.  But the same is true of high cost standard toxic therapies. Trying to optimize one's metabolism to minimize tumor growth makes sense and is non-toxic, but should be done under physician care in order to monitor how the body reacts and to tweak the process if needed.  Physician care is also something that is lacking in standard therapy - not enough monitoring and treatment of side effects, not enough monitoring of what's going on with the body (insulin, glucose, liver function, kidney function, stress, etc.). A second physician should be involved to monitor overall health.    

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