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Basal cell carcinoma newly diagnosed

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I've recently been diagnosed with basal on my nose close to eye.

My mohs surgeon asked for biopsy but I couldn't at the time "to scared" wanted to take half of it but i need time. Anyway he said it was fine as he was sure it was a Basal.

He then went on to tell me after he does the mohs I will need flap from either my forehead or cheek as he expects the cut to be to big to close as it'. Right between my eyes on the bridge of my nose.

My question is...

What is involved in flap reconstruction? 

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My basal is in the right side of my nose. They removed the tissue and sent it in for biopsy. About a week or so later they called to say they didn't get it all. So about 2 weeks ago I went back. The cancer had gone under the skin so they had to remove tissue under the skin, going about an inch or 2 down my cheek near the nose. They also had to go up by the corner of my eye. I was so glad I couldn't see what they were doing. It looks like there are 6 - 7 stitches. The Dr numbed the area very well.

The good news is they got is all I get the stitches out next week. I guess I was lucky in that they didn't need to take skin to cover the opening. 

Even though basal is an "easy" cancer to take care of and slow growing, the longer you wait the more chance if it spreading. It is scary but having been through chemo 3 years ago for another cancer, this was a breeze.

Good luck Shell5226

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Stitches taken out last week. There were 3 or 4 by the corner of my eye. The tech who took them out said what made it harder was the dried blood. She wet the area down and got them out. I've been using cocoa butter to help with the healing. It's about 5 days and the skin is still a little pinkish. I am just hoping the cocoa butter does it's thing and the scar isn't noticible. 

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My cousin had the forehead flap and you can not even tell she had it.  At the time she had a rough time but she had almost a dime size area taken out of her mid nose.  I know a little about it but if you have specific questions I could ask her.  

I know that when they did her forehead flap they left the blood vessel attached and she did not like the look so she stayed at home most of the time.  She still has doubts but my dermatorlogist could not even tell by looking at her that she had it done.  

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Having gone through a few Skin Grafts and a major size Flap, I think I may qualify as a near-expert on the subject matter.  A graft is a thin slice of skin matter that will act as a covering over the affected area.....as I was told.  A Flap is also skin matter from an area of the body that is performed much deeper, and contains blood vessels, nerves, and muscle tissue to be a covering over the area where surgery took place.  When they took my right ear......ear canal....and Mastoid bone due to Desmoplastic Melanoma, a large part of my left thigh was removed to make the flap over the area where my ear had been located.  Like I say, that's what I was told.  I sure do miss my right ear.


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I am more than halfway done with radiation therapy for basal cell on my nostril.  The plastic surgeon suggested that I consider this as an option rather

than having the MOHS procedure for less potential disfigurement to my nose so I went for it.  I wonder if anybody else also opted for radiation or considered

it and than dismissed it and why.  Thank you and good luck with your upcoming MOHS.  


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How are you doing?  I am considering radiation for BCC on nostril, too.  Would love to know how you are

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My mother was diagnosed with basal cell on the nose and the treatment was so hard on her. Now she is having a very rough time with her sinuses as well. We have had to take her to the emergency room on numerous occasions. We have gotten to the point where we have had to start researching life alert systems. She is so stubborn about this, but it is either something like this or putting her in a care facility. It is just so hard for everyone involved and its just relieving to read some of the other posts on here. It is scary! But, also nice to know others are going through what my mother and family are. You all are in my prayers and thoughts!   

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