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Interesting new article on treating lung metastasis

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Here is an interesting new article on treating lung metastasis after colorectal cancer:


[P]olymeric nanoparticles (PNPs) entrapping chemotherapeutic agents provide a new therapeutic option for treating CRC that has metastasized to the lung. PNPs assembled from FDA approved biocompatible block copolymer accumulated predominantly in lung tissue. PNPs showed negligible accumulation in liver, spleen and kidneys, which was confirmed by fluorescent nanoparticle imaging and analysis of PI3K inhibition in the organs. PNPs entrapping PI3K inhibitors (i.e., wortmannin and PX866) suppressed CRC lung metastasis growth, and SN-38-loaded PNPs completely eliminated CRC lung metastasis. Our results demonstrate that polymer-drug nanoparticles offer a new approach to reduce toxicity of cancer therapy and has the potential to improve outcomes for patients with lung metastasis.

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Thanks for sharing that! Maybe they'll approve it and it will help me. Except that Canada takes much longer to approve anything.


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Each day, new hope. Keeping fingers crossed that some more things come out quickly.  Got the lung mets and inooperable lymph nodes :(

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Just found out I have a possible lung met (meeting with surgeon on Wednesday).  I'm back herre searching for info on lung mets and options.  Traci

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Joan M
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Thank you so much for sharing your research!  My tumors are mainly in my lungs now.  There are a few small ones in my liver. I am going to see what I can do to get this therapy to clear up the lung tumors.  

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